Winterize Your Wiper Blades

If you have gotten used to having to replace your wiper blades every time the season changes, you need to get winter wiper blades. If you use your " regular" blades in the winter, you can pretty much just expect to throw them in the garbage once spring arrives. Your "regular" wiper blades are just not designed to handle the harsh winter weather conditions like ice and snow and will deteriorate very quickly in those conditions.

Come see us here at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc to get pair picked out and fitted to your specific vehicle and to get ready for the winter season.

Winter wiper blades are made of a more flexible rubber and will be able to withstand ice and snow buildup. They are also made of a stronger material that will not crack as easily in the colder temperatures. They also typically have an innovative, sturdy shell that deters ice and snow buildup.

Stop in and learn more about the winter wiper blades at our disposal in Osseo, WI!

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