Beat the heat, schedule a service appointment for your vehicle today

You wait all year for the glorious summer months to return, so why deal with any automotive stress during that precious time? Scheduling a service appointment for your vehicle ensures that you're ready to hit the road in the heat and also lets our technicians here at Osseo Ford Sales & Service discover any issues you may have not been hip to.


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We'll be happy to take a peek under your hood and a look around your vehicle to see if there's anything that needs immediate addressing. We'll also change your oil, rotate your tires, check your engine coolant, brake fluid, air conditioning system, and anything else that your vehicle is due for. Our mission is to send you home with a vehicle that's ready to enjoy every summer adventure with you and function at its best no matter the circumstances.

Don't let the heat beat you, schedule an appointment for your vehicle today online or by giving us a call.

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