Change your oil regularly for a safer and smoother ride

Engine oil sludge means you are not changing your engine oil enough. Your oil does more than just lubricate your engine. It also acts as a detergent and has additives that include dispersants and antioxidants. It also has elements that help oil from foaming. These elements all protect your engine for the lifetime of the car if oil is changed regularly. This is why it is wise to protect your engine with scheduled oil changes. Oil changes can help accomplish the following things.

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Oil changes help protect your engine from wear and tear. Engines have a lot of moving parts. Clean oil helps remove sludge, dirt, and engine wear particles. You can also expect gas mileage to improve. Changing your oil also makes you mindful of other vehicle fluids that need changing as well. Contact our service center here at Osseo Ford Service and Sales today and schedule an oil change. It can help extend the life of your car and prevent expensive engine damage that may occur with a dirty engine.

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