Signs That Your Starter is Failing

It's natural to think that your battery is at fault if your car won't start. However, your starter may be the culprit, giving you signs long before it wears out. Following are five common signs and why you need to pay attention to them.

Hearing a grinding noise when starting means that the starter gear is wearing or not engaging properly and can result in a damaged flywheel. Freewheeling is when you hear whining with the engine starting and can signal a dangerous problem that needs immediate attention. Smoke and a burning smell can mean a number of things. Call our service center at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc immediately for help. Sometimes oil will soak the starter, shortening its life. A malfunctioning solenoid may also be the culprit.

Whenever you experience problems driving in Osseo, bring your vehicle in for serving. Our technicians will thoroughly examine your starter and recommend the best possible solution.

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