All-Wheel-Drive in the Ford Taurus

Navigate rough roads with confidence in the new Ford Taurus. This popular full-sized sedan is available with a robust all-wheel drive system at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc. It's an intelligent system that's designed to keep you safe and stable in a range of different driving conditions.

The all-wheel-drive powertrain comes standard on SHO models in Osseo, WI. It's also optional for SEL and Limited builds. The AWD system uses sensors to monitor the car's performance. It can help you prevent wheel slip by adjusting the torque. If it senses trouble, it will balance the torque between the front and rear wheels to maintain stability.

The SHO model also has a sport-tuned suspension system that will enhance your driving experience. The shock absorbers, strut mount bushing, and springs are all fine-tuned to give you better control. The components work together to give you enhanced steering capabilities, better agility, and more grip on the road. The rear suspension also has more travel to make your drive comfortable.

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