The Exterior of the Ford Fusion Hybrid Impresses

From the exterior, the Ford Fusion Hybrid appears impressive. The gasoline/electric hybrid does more than deliver good look as evidenced by the incredible MPG stats. That said, the exterior does come with brilliant features.

The light setup adds subtle layers of protection and visibility. LED taillamps and daytime running lamps increase visibility. Improved visibility while parked or on the road can cut down on worries. Auto high beams allow for the better illumination of the road when necessary.

Don't overlook the little things when in the market for a new vehicle. The Ford Fusion Hybrid comes with an "Easy Fuel" capless fuel filler. While this might not be the top selling point for the car, the feature won't go unappreciated. Who wants to waste unnecessary time at the gas station? The "Easy Fuel" filler speeds things up.

We here at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc in Osseo, WI are excited about the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Visit us and take the sedan out for a test drive.

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