Ford Taurus is Making a Splash with New Tech Features

Tech features are almost necessary at this point. Each automaker is finding ways to add them or interpret the ones available, which is great for Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc. Those differences make it easier for us to match customers to vehicles. A good example of a vehicle with great tech is the popular full-sedan, Ford Taurus.

Two Features Worth Pointing Out

What would a vehicle be without good music playing on those long drives through Osseo, WI? It would be a boring ride, but now there is more stuff to play with, such as the following.


The Sync 3 system in the Taurus allows you to connect to Alexa. This means you can do things with Alexa while in your car. Can you imagine buying stuff while driving or turning on your home's AC before you get home? It seems that Ford imagined that and gave it to you.


Taurus comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are there to help you connect your smartphone to your Ford Taurus. The connection is seamless and allows you to use your vehicle's voice command technology to control some of the features on your phone.

These are just some reasons you should take a test drive because driving just got cooler.

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