Ford Transit Passenger Wagon: Versatility and Luxury

Here at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc, we are super excited to introduce our customers to the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. This popular full-size passenger wagon is the perfect combination of luxury and versatility, and it could be just the wagon you have been searching for.

This passenger wagon comes with plenty of seating options that allow you to customize the number of seats in your wagon. Whether you need to seat 2 passengers or 15, this passenger transit wagon gives you the capability to make it your own. Adding captain's chair seats, plush carpeting, and even a flat screen television will really enhance the luxury of this vehicle.

In addition to seating versatility, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon comes with a choice of three different roof heights. Whether you require a low, medium or high roof height, this passenger wagon can give you just what you need.

We encourage you to stop by Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc and take a test drive. You'll be glad you did.

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