The days of muscle cars that are exhilarating in straight lines but a chore to take corners in are gone. Now we get muscle cars that are fast and handle like a dream! We at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc definitely like this, and we love the handling of the new Ford Mustangs! Let us see a couple of reasons why.

The new Ford Mustangs come equipped with the Magneride dampening system. This intelligent technology provides a smooth and balanced ride. The system responds 1,000 times per second for each damper, meaning the Mustang is constantly working to ensure you feel comfortable when taking it to its limits! Additionally, there are the selectable drive modes that alter how the vehicle responds with presets of Normal, Snow/Wet, Sport and Track or Drag Strip. These settings ensure you will not feel like a boat with a large engine on the streets of Osseo, WI but rather the performance machine that it is!

The new Ford Mustangs are truly remarkable feats of performance engineering. Come experience the thrill by scheduling a test drive with us at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc today!

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