With a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine, it's no wonder to why the Ford Edge ST is an exhilarating vehicle. This automobile is the very definition of the term performance-based. The ST is the next generation of Ford Edge SUVs, and it demonstrates its excellence with relative ease.

The interior of this phenomenal vehicle looks as aggressive as its exterior. The ST name is emblazoned on the seats, and there's fine stitching that accentuates the look. FordPass technology offers hotspot internet service. For connecting multiple devices to the advanced system, the Edge ST has an AC power outlet as well as multiple USB ports. The vehicle's Bang/Olufsen audio system provides crystal-clear sound and deep-pounding bass. The Ford Edge ST also has a multimedia touchscreen in the center dash for accessing apps.

We welcome all interested enthusiasts to visit our dealership's showroom for a test drive so don't keep us waiting.

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