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Winterize Your Wiper Blades

If you have gotten used to having to replace your wiper blades every time the season changes, you need to get winter wiper blades. If you use your " regular" blades in the winter, you can pretty much just expect to throw them in the garbage once spring arrives. Your "regular" wiper blades are just not designed to handle the harsh winter weather conditions like ice and snow and will deteriorate very quickly in those conditions.

Come see us here at Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc to get pair picked out and fitted to your specific vehicle and to get ready…

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Beat the heat, schedule a service appointment for your vehicle today

You wait all year for the glorious summer months to return, so why deal with any automotive stress during that precious time? Scheduling a service appointment for your vehicle ensures that you're ready to hit the road in the heat and also lets our technicians here at Osseo Ford Sales & Service discover any issues you may have not been hip to.


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Don't let the heat beat you, schedule an appointment for your vehicle today online or by giving us a call.

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Why is tire rotation important?

Tire rotation is important for many reasons, not only for your safety but for the health of your car. It gives each tire the opportunity to wear in a level manner on each tire. This will help the tire from becoming bald or wore down in one specific spot on the tire and prevent accidents. Lack of rotating your tires can also negatively affect your gas mileage as well. If the car has to pull in any direction due to the wear on the tire you are less likely to get the same same gas mileage. This makes the car…
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Why We Need to Do Your Car's Oil Changes

Much like your medical record, your car has a health history too. It may be marvelous and new or gently used, but you still have an idea of its general condition when you drive out of the lot. Your dealer keeps a pretty detailed account of what goes on under your car's hood, and if you take it somewhere else for maintenance, he is suddenly out of the loop. Why could that be a problem? If you get the oil changed at another location, they could be using oil that is not ideal for your engine, or maybe use…

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Car Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

Celebrate a year of adventure in your Ford vehicle! We know that your Ford truck, SUV, or car serves as your trusted travel companion for all of your daily adventures, and that’s why we recommend routine service and cleaning to keep your Ford running fresh. You can arrange a wash, wax, and vacuum at your next oil change appointment at our Osseo Service Center, or if you are the DIY-type, follow these car cleaning tips to make your commute more enjoyable!

  • Select high-quality cleaning products to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.
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See How This Creative Couple Transforms Their Ford Connect

Camping seems to be one of those activities that people either love or loathe. Outdoorsy types often embrace the time spent in the great outdoors, while people who enjoy inside activities more tend to avoid it.

There are many different types of camping: tenting, sleeping in lean-tos or without any shelter, or using an RV or motorhome are all popular choices for different reasons. In fact, some people are now converting vans like the Ford Transit into beautiful campers.


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