Ford is About to Make Like a Tree and What Now?

"Hey you! Why don't you make like a tree and leave!" said somebody, thinking they were clever.

"Leaves?" pondered Ford, stroking its corporate beard thoughtfully. "Now that's a brilliant idea."

Globally, about 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere every second. Tick. That's 2.4 million pounds. Tock. That's 2.4 million more. It all adds up to planet-warming levels which scientists fear could endanger the survival of thousands of species, and even human lives.

Plants, like trees, can draw carbon dioxide out of the air, and store it in the form of woody trunks and other biomass, but the amount being dumped into the atmosphere is more than plants can handle on their own.

So Ford is going to become the plants.

In five years' time, say Ford sustainability experts, the automaker will be using foams and plastics in new production vehicles made out of carbon pulled straight out of the air -- captured from industrial emissions.

This is essentially the same thing that plants do, and it's a double-whammy on carbon. Not only will Ford reduce the amount of new carbon dioxide it is emitting by weaning itself off of petroleum-based foams and plastics, but it will be soaking up existing emissions, and storing them inside vehicle materials.

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