The 2017 Ford Escape's Dynamic Exterior Design

Are you a visual person? Do you like any and everything to look amazing especially your automobiles? The 2017 Ford Escape is engineered with vanity in mind. From every angle this vehicle looks great starting with the dynamic front grille. The "Blue Oval" sits prominently in front and the athletic hood enhances the overall appearance very well. Every line is crisp and fluid from front to back without any interruptions. It's slanted (LED) Signature Lighting frames the vehicle nicely while it's Bi-Xenon (HIT) bulbs provides the brightest of lighting under any condition.

The Escape's athletic stance gives it an aerodynamic presence. Being an SUV, this vehicle has great ground clearance while maintaining perfect balance. The Escape is crafted like a work-of-art and it's made for those who put vanity on a higher pedestal. If you want one of the best looking sport utilities on the market, the 2017 Ford Edge is definitely for you.
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