Why We Need to Do Your Car's Oil Changes

Much like your medical record, your car has a health history too. It may be marvelous and new or gently used, but you still have an idea of its general condition when you drive out of the lot. Your dealer keeps a pretty detailed account of what goes on under your car's hood, and if you take it somewhere else for maintenance, he is suddenly out of the loop. Why could that be a problem? If you get the oil changed at another location, they could be using oil that is not ideal for your engine, or maybe use a lower-grade air filter. They may also not be doing the multi-point check that can catch potential problems in your car's other systems. Suddenly, your car may not be in tip-top condition. Osseo Ford Sales & Service Inc knows what is best for your vehicle, and just like your health, continuity of care makes for a long, healthy life. We always are looking forward to providing our customers with a pleasant and reliable experience.

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