Why Should I Consider Synthetic Oil?

Today's automobile manufacturers are beginning to recommend and require that synthetic oil be used in vehicles, rather than regular, conventional oil. What is the difference, and why does the auto industry suddenly seem partial to synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is processed at the molecular level. It is basically regular, conventional oil that is processed, and given additives that clean the engine. These particular additives don't break down at continuous high temperatures like those in conventional oil. Synthetic oil maintains its viscosity at extremely high and low temperatures, unlike conventional oil. It maintains a thin film of oil across moving parts to insure that the necessary lubrication is present, even at extremely high and low temperatures.

Not only location, but the type of driving you do has a lot to do with the quality and type of oil you need for your vehicle. Check your manufacturer's recommendations, and then ask your local dealer which type of oil is right for you, and schedule an oil change today.
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