Ford How To Scuff-Proof Your Seats Blog Post

If you have small kids, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your car clean and organized. Kids will naturally make a mess and jump around the vehicle. Ford has a great tip for you to protect your seat.

Do you have an old apron lying around somewhere? It can be a cooking apron, an art apron, or even a woodshop apron. The ideal kind of apron we are describing would be soft, yet durable. After you locate your spare apron, just tie it around your front seats.

Now the backs of your seats will be impervious to the kids kicking and scratching. It will even help protect your seats from spills. You can watch a video demonstration of many different how-to car care tips like this one on Ford's YouTube channel. This is just another way Ford is helping you get the most out of your Ford vehicle.
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